Hello, I’m Christal

I am an award winning, and published photographer based out of Palmer, Alaska. I humbled that you found my website, and that you are considering inviting me to be your photographer. Whether it is family photos, or your wedding photos, they matter to me. They are the visual inheritance we create for your family.

Photography is my passion. For each shoot, it is my goal to create something unique and special for you.

The way I photograph….

Please view your time with me, as a time to connect with your loved ones. I’ll take it from there. Just a warning, I get overly excited at awesome light, majestic views, and creative ideas.


This is Justin

We have been married for 16 years, we have 4 fun kids. We like to get outside in Alaska and go on adventures.

He often assists me on my photo shoots. He is the strong silent type, so don’t expect him to say much:)