How can I see more of your work?

 l would love to show you more of my work. We can schedule a time where you can come into the studio. A lot of my clients want to keep their photos private, and want to keep their photos off line. Which I completely understand. I have prints in the studio that can be viewed. 

How do I book a boudoir session?

To book a boudoir session simply hit the contact link, or email me at info@christalhoughtelling.com. When you contact me, I will coordinate a date with you, go over pricing, send you the proposal and collect the retainer. Once you sign the proposal we are ready to go!

I don't know how to pose and look sexy....

Don't worry. Everyone tells me they aren't photogenic, and that's a lie. All you need to do is bring lingerie or an outfit that you love and I do the rest. It's not your job to take a good photo, it's MINE I will give you a ton of direction, and posing help. Together we will create images that will take your breath away.

Where will the shoot take place, and are my photos safe?

Boudoir sessions take place in my home studio. I am also available for outdoor Alaska boudoir shoots. I would love to do a boudoir shoot in Hatcher Pass someday, or even on a glacier(though it might be chilly)! You and I will be the only person who sees the photos. I do an in person showing of the photos, I love to see my clients reactions!

Do I need to bring my own outfits?

Yes. I recommend bringing a bra and pantie set in black with stockings, garter belt and heels. I also have lots of recommendations, and I also don't mind if you bring in what you have and we go over it.

Can I tan before the shoot?

Please do not tan before your shoot. It shows up really orange, causes lines, and odd spots on the body. It can rub off on furniture. If you do tan, I am not responsible for editing tan lines out of images, and additional charges for editing lines will be required.

Does Hair and Makeup come in my session?

It does not come with hair and makeup. I do have makeup artists that I recommend, and I recommend 100 percent that you have it done. Not only are you pampering yourself, but it will take your photos to a whole new level. It is something that I will be requiring in the near future.

Can I bring a friend or significant other to the shoot with me?

Only the photographer and the client are allowed in the studio during your session. I do not allow significant others to your photo viewing session either.

Do you post my images online?

I never post anything without your permission and a signed model release. I do hope that you would give me the honor of signing a model release. I am 100% committed to a safe environment from your inquiry through the shoot, and beyond. I know boudoir photography produces intimate images and I would not put up anything without your consent. All images you see from Christal Houghtelling Photography are images that my clients have graciously allowed me to share.

How long will it take to see the photos?

I do hand edit all the photos, so plan on 2-3 weeks to view them. Then we will have an in person viewing, and it takes about 2 weeks to receive prints and albums. Plan ahead for the shoot, so that you don't miss any special event gifts you have planned.