Wedding Details


Your wedding is about connection and relationships.

I have always been drawn to how people interact with each other. The way they look and touch one another, and their expressions. Those are the moments that show your love. Weddings are such a beautiful time, when families all congregate together to celebrate a couple joining together to start their own family. This is a perfect time to really capture the rawness of it all. In the end it doesn't really matter how beautiful your decorations are, what I am most interested photographing how you love each other and your family. 

My style | documentary wedding photography

My style is documentary which means I'm not posing you all day long, and telling you what to do. I photograph the realness and the rawness of the day. No pressure on you or anyone else, and nothing fake. If you do want a few beautiful portraits together that's something we can do, I see value in having both. I will be photographing what makes you unique as a couple, and your relationships with your families and friends.  My real goal on a wedding day is to photograph how that day felt. A lot of photographers will either set up lots of scenes or photograph in a very clinical way. Photographing the scene, but not capturing the emotion. After your wedding is over, when you hold your photos in your hands I want you to be taken back to what you felt that day. 


“I can’t believe that I haven’t written a review yet, I feel like I should do a video review because I can’t stop bragging about Christal to everyone! It’s not like anyone needs me to mention this because you can see it from her pictures: she captures the EMOTIONS of the people she photographs and isn’t that what you really want? Christal has a very distinct style of photography and she has developed it beautifully. One of the best things about working with Christal is that she fades into the background when she’s there documenting; you don’t even notice her presence as she captures the magical moments of your event. So many people told me that they didn’t even notice her taking pictures at our wedding, but she managed to seize the moments that I want to remember forever. She has such a likeable personality and will make you feel at ease immediately. Christal’s work is honestly priceless!” ~ Ashley