I’m not thinking about what you’re afraid to have photographed. I’m thinking of what you’re afraid of losing.

These sessions are all about the little moments of tenderness, frustration, conflict, and humor that take place in our lives. These are the unique moments that make your family so special.

Home Sweet Chaos Sessions are documented rather than directed. As a family you choose some of your favorite activities such as making breakfast, taking care of the baby, playing outside in the sprinkler, going on a walk, playing at the lake, washing the baby. Then I create the art, and capture the way you brush away your teenagers hair off his face at bed time. The happy smile on your daughters face when she wins the game, the way you play with your babies toes when you feed her, the way your husband holds your hand when you go on a stroll.

Your children need photos of you, capturing how you love them, and capturing how they love you. Your job is to live in the moment. My job is to make sure you remember every breath.