In The Life….Home Sweet Chaos Sessions

What Type Of Sessions Do You Offer? I offer Portrait Sessions, and I offer In The Life…Home Sweet Chaos Sessions. Which can include family sessions, child sessions, births, elopements, funerals. Think everything from normal days to emotional, life-changing moments.

What Does a Shoot Look Like? Basically we make sure to have a few activities planned that you enjoy doing as a family, and I come along for the ride and photograph it.

What If I Hate How I Look In Unposed Photos: This is an opportunity to see yourself the way everyone else sees you. With documentary it is really about how you feel and how you are interacting and less about how you look. It is a different kind of experience. A liberating, deep unfiltered kind of beautiful.

How Long Will You Be Here (Seriously, that long.)?? These sessions last anywhere from 2-8 hours depending on how long you book me. With these types of sessions because I am not directing or posing, it does take time to create and see the images. But, I promise the time flies by.

What If You don’t Get Any Good Pictures? Not to worry, I have never had this happen. With these sessions it is really about storytelling. I am not looking for 1 perfect image for the wall, but really a collage of pictures that the the story of your family. These types of sessions really lend themselves to albums.

We’re not interesting. What will you photograph? You are more interesting then you think! What do you enjoy doing as a family, we will photograph that. Is it staying at home and making pancakes for breakfast, going to swim at the lake, sledding, playing in the backyard, making gingerbread houses, bathing the baby, making pies. The ideas are endless, but the idea is to be doing stuff as a family.

What If My Kids Throw A Fit While You’re Around? No worries! I have 4 kids of my own. I will continue to photograph it. It’s part of the story.

Why Have I Never Heard Of Sessions Like This Before? These types of sessions are a new way of having your family photographed. They are really starting to become popular. Mostly because families want natural images of their families

How Will You Interact With Me And My Kids? I ask you to tell your children that you have a friend coming over to hang out and photograph the family. I will not direct you in any way, unless the lighting in the location is unworkable. I might ask you to do an activity where the light is better. I’ll be close to you with my camera, and I just ask that you try not to look at me and smile. Other than that, I really am just hanging out with your family.

What Will I Do With These Pictures After The Sessions, Since They’re Not Traditional Portraits? These types of sessions are great for heirloom albums, fine art prints, and wall collages.

A Family Member of Mine Hates Having Their Picture Taken?Then this session is perfect for them. Most of the time I find that some people hate being told what to do, how to pose, ect. You just get to be you during these sessions.

What Do We Wear? With documentary photography you can wear what you are comfortable with. I do ask you to stay away from distracting logos, characters, neon colors, and stripes/seersucker on clothing.

Who Pays For The Cost Of The Event (Like If We Go To A Museum? The client pays for their cost, and the cost of the photographer for all events.

What About Weather? We can always reschedule, but I recommend having back up activities. Or just loving the rain!

How Much Does It Cost? The sitting fees start at $300 and go up from there. All products and files are purchased separately after the session.

Is It Worth The Extra Cost? Yes. This is how I have my own family professionally photographed, and I love it.