Documentary Birth Photographer

  Photographing a birth is pretty much life changing and I decided at that moment to stay true to my heart. I love documentary photos, they have so much feeling, emotion, and really capture a time capsule for a moment in someones life. When I showed them their slideshow they cried, and told me you have to do this for other people. 

So what to expect with birth photography....

 I promise you it's not what everyone thinks. For some reason everyone is worried about having their nether regions's not about that. It's about the journey, being comforted by loved ones, the struggle, the joy, the exhaustion, and everything in between. It's amazing!

One day the little baby I photographed will be grown and will look back and see instantly the love on his/her parents face. Birth photography really brings me back to when my kids were born, and I know the images will be a blessing to your family. If you are considering have birth photography, you will never regret it. 

If you have any other questions please contact me so we can schedule a consultation. I am available for births in Anchorage, Wasilla, Eagle River, Palmer, Kenai, Girdwood, and also in Hawaii. Birth photography is a beautiful thing, that you will never regret having!