*Images by Kirsten Lewis Photography

Meet Christal

I am a Pacific Northwest girl. I have lived in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and now I am a family photographer based in the Anchorage, Alaska area. 

I specialize in creating beautiful portraits, and candid storytelling images.

I believe passionately that you need to have images of your family created. That images need to be printed for your children. Albums are my favorite product, as well as framed fine art prints. 




I’ve decided that you were so fun, entertaining, and just plain awesome during my labor - that you should extend your profession from birth photographer, to birth photographer/doula!

- Katie

After scouring her website and blog, noticing the simple and honest artistry, and reading the glowing reviews, my husband and I chose Christal for a family session.  I was 8 months pregnant, and our daughter was at the very *unpredictable* age of 21 months...so I wasn't too sure what I could realistically expect, especially when asking that Christal also capture Alaska's outdoor beauty.  All I can say is, she completely wowed us in every respect!  

First of all, Christal is an absolute joy to work with...and it didn't even feel like work! The session was actually fun, and that's because she is patient, understanding, humble yet assertive, and just generally a kind and pleasant person to be around....and in my opinion those things make a huge difference!  Also of note, we did end up getting rained out during the first appointment, but she was willing to make a go of it if we wanted, in addition to rescheduling for a better-weather day...her flexibility and understanding showed her integrity and professionalism.

But, the best part...the photos!!!  I was literally moved to tears...Christal was able to capture *us* so beautifully...perfectly imperfect, enjoying tender and hilarious moments with our daughter and each other. I had hoped for a few good shots of the three of us...instead what I got was an encompassing collection, each photo unique and precious, each invoking a smile or a laugh or a tear or "Oh my gosh, how did she get that???" Not to mention the gorgeous sky and mountain backgrounds, even in the photos that got rained out!

Seriously, I can't say enough good things about Christal...she should be anyone's first choice to photograph their special event...that is, if she isn't rich and famous before you can get her! :). We are lucky to have her art in our home, and are very much looking forward to the next photo session. Thank you so much Christal!!!


Christal Houghtelling is amazing! A true professional. I always knew she was good, but it really sets in when it's you in the picture. She was so good with the kids as well. She would get them thinking about things to get the expression that she wanted. I highly recommend her. 

-Garrett Christensen

I've always known that Christal Houghtelling takes absolutely amazing pictures, but there is something really special about seeing our family in her photography, especially since we were able to have the photos taken on our land. <3 Thank you, Christal! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much while looking through these.


I just wanted to say that it was a blast having you for our photographer. Both Stephen and I's previous wedding experiences left us not looking forward to the "draining experience" of doing all the photos and only hoped we'd have a little energy left over for the rest of the day. However, much to our pleasure we had a total blast doing it and didn't feel tired or stressed and perfectly enjoying trying to come up with witty comments.It was fun and relaxing.Thanks to you we are able to say that we very much enjoyed every single minute of our wedding day.So much fun!:)


We just had the most amazing experience with Christal.  Getting pictures done means so much to me.  It is something that captures this moment in time that passes so quickly.  I am also not easy to please when it comes to photography :)  Christal has blown us away time after time.  From professional headshots for our business marketing to our incredible family photo's she has produced the most amazing results.  The images we received from our family session are remarkable.  We can not count the compliments that have been received.  I am so thankful for you capturing these moments with my sweet girls.  It brings tears to my eyes.  We appreciate you so very much!


While looking around for a photographer we contacted a few who were not timely with responses. Christal was always prompt and very helpful with responses. We are very happy to have chosen Christal for our photographer. We feel that Christal was professional, made us feel very comfortable during our session and produced beautiful pictures! Even though our first session got rained out, I'm glad we attempted pictures anyways (they turned out great). Christal was always very flexible about what worked for us, was excepting of our ideas during the session and made us feel very comfortable.  I would highly recommend Christal to all my friends and family. I feel like the pictures alone are strong proof of her talent, but also her flexibility and ability to make us feel comfortable during the session. Thank you again! You made our sessions a very enjoyable experience for Andrew and myself!


We absolutely loved our wedding photos from Christal Houghtelling Photography; they are amazing! She captured the emotions so well and made us so comfortable-it was best photo shoot we’ve ever had. We love her candid style and the interactions that she captures in the moment are priceless! Very professional and easy to work with. She knows what she’s doing and knows how to make any special moment memorable. We recommend her to anyone.

- Angie +Michael

Christal has a beautiful eye for photography! For a Mom, getting your children’s pictures taken can be a bit stressful. As I worked with Christal she made me feel comfortable and confident my daughter's pictures would turn out wonderful. And they did!!! She is very patient with my children and truly captures who they are in each photo. Christal came prepared with locations to shoot, yet made sure the ideas she had in mind would accommodate what I was looking for. It is so refreshing to work with someone who cares about their clients so much. I cannot say it enough how much I would recommend Christal Houghtelling Photography for your photography needs! THANK YOU, Christal!