Rainstorm in Denali National Park - Denali Family Photographer

Denali is a stunningly beautiful place. We saw rabbits, and more rabbits along the way. On the way out my husband asked me if I wanted to pull over to get a shot. It started raining, and I for a moment, thought about not getting out of the car. I am so glad I did…the only way to get amazing photos is to put the camera up and take it!


Gold Panning Adventures on the Denali Highway - Denali Family Photographer

Married to a rock-hound, I constantly find myself a little bored. I just don’t find the joy in searching for rocks or gold. All of my children do, so I do make an effort to try, but I really can only handle so much. So, I ended up in the car trying to find shelter from the mosquitoes that were trying to eat me alive. Then, I looked up and saw my youngest running along the river. I love this image.

Denali-alaska-family-wedding-photographer (21).jpg

Summertime Vibes - Alaska Family Photographer

There is just something about this image that really captures summertime to me. I also love that you really can’t see my daughters face, that adds to the mystery of it all. I literally held my lens over a sprinkler to get the drops on the front of the lens, and then I got as close to the sprinkler as I could stand without getting completely hosed. Then I just waited. She ran back and forth, and I just clicked over and over again. I probably made about 30 images to get this one. There are others that I love as well….but I’ll post those later.


Dandelions - Palmer, Alaska Photographer

I love dandelions. They surround our property, and I refuse to mow them all down. I remember when I was younger picking them for hours and blowing them. Wildflowers make me so happy. I’ve recently decided that especially in Alaska you need to embrace the wild and free.