Ferris Wheel - Alaska State Fair Family Photography

This is my middle son. I love him to death. After a long day, and I mean long day at the fair with his grandparents, he asked me to go on the Ferris wheel with him. It sounded fun, so we got in line. It was probably an hour of time we waited in line for our turn. We climbed aboard and took our seats. It was then that I remembered! I am afraid of heights! I managed to get through it, but I’m not sure I’ll be going again any time soon.

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Summertime Vibes - Alaska Family Photographer

There is just something about this image that really captures summertime to me. I also love that you really can’t see my daughters face, that adds to the mystery of it all. I literally held my lens over a sprinkler to get the drops on the front of the lens, and then I got as close to the sprinkler as I could stand without getting completely hosed. Then I just waited. She ran back and forth, and I just clicked over and over again. I probably made about 30 images to get this one. There are others that I love as well….but I’ll post those later.


Dandelions - Palmer, Alaska Photographer

I love dandelions. They surround our property, and I refuse to mow them all down. I remember when I was younger picking them for hours and blowing them. Wildflowers make me so happy. I’ve recently decided that especially in Alaska you need to embrace the wild and free.