Session Overview

I specialize in photographing families. I truly believe that family photography is so important, even more so than wedding photography. Children grow up so fast, that when you look back it seems to have happened in a blink of an eye. I highly recommend that families have a family session every year. I love albums, and wall art. When you come into my home for example, I have storytelling photos up on my walls. So, you are literally seeing my family memories. I also love to sit down with my kids and show them our family albums. I kid you not...this is one of my kids favorite activities. That is also why I only provide the highest quality prints and albums to my clients. Any of the images you purchase a print or album of you will be gifted a web-sized and watermarked digital image to share with friends on social media. 




These sessions include posing and directing to get the best images possible within an hour and a half. If you are wanting to have a beautiful family portrait with the Alaskan landscape as a backdrop I have you covered. I live near Hatcher Pass, and Pioneer Peak....what I consider to be the best views around. If you are visiting Alaska from an international country, or the lower 48 give me a call. I get a lot of out of town visitors that like to have their portraits taken here, and I love to show them around! The family on the right was from Australia! It was mid fall when I took their portraits, and they thought it was freezing cold! It was the coldest weather they had ever been in! I start all of my sessions with an in person consultation to go over pricing, and what to expect. I offer only the best museum quality prints and heirloom albums to have your images printed on. Give me a call at 907-982-5409, I would love to chat with you! 



What in the world is a storytelling session?! Well I'm glad you asked. I like to call it a time capsule of what your life is like right now. Let me tell you a story. Every time I call my mom to complain about my kids(common you do it too!) She always tells me that she doesn't ever remembering having any issues or hard times with her kids. So these sessions provide images of everything from cute snuggle photos, to the toddler throwing a tantrum on the ground. Maybe your family likes to cook German pancakes every Saturday morning, and then go skips rocks at the lake, we can document that. I offer these sessions from 2 hours up to a half day. Maybe you are visiting Alaska on a once in a lifetime trip with your kids, I can come along with you for the day and photograph your adventure. It might seem a little strange to have an extra person along, but I promise it's just like having an old friend hanging out with your family. These sessions are for the adventurous family who want to have a truly authentic heirloom story book of their family. Give me a call at 907-982-5409, I would love to get your storytelling session booked!